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Charly the Infernal Kid

Here are a collection of sketches of my original character, Charly

He's a baby goat from the underworld who likes to spend his time playing with his animal friends and snacking on the souls of the damned.

James bousema lil goat
James bousema goat 5

He snacks on coal to keep his belly warm and his torch blazing

James bousema goat 2

I figured if he’d make friends with any winged bug, it’d be none other than the Death's-head hawkmoth

James bousema goat 3

Taking a warm and cozy penta-nap

James bousema goat 6

Fall is here and Charly is loving it. Even his innocent frolic through leaves brings about destruction in his wake

James bousema goat 4

He quenches his thirst with a baby bottle filled with the blood of the innocent